Monday, May 25, 2015


We went to a Peter Yarrow concert last weekend. I know I said I would probably use the scrapbook page I made using the SOUS sketch, but it was such a joyous occasion I just had to make a more colorful scrapbook page than the blues and greens*. For those of you that don’t know, Peter Yarrow is the Peter in the folk group PETER, PAUL and MARY. They helped raise the consciousness of an entire generation through their music.  I've been singing their songs since I was a young.

The venue for the concert was a small theater that holds a 100 people or so. Peter’s son, Christopher accompanied him. After each song they would smile at one another and give a fist bump or a hug or kiss. It was quite touching. Through out the concert Peter reminisced with the audience and encouraged everyone to join in the singing. As my husband said, “it was more like sitting around in the living room singing and visiting with old friends than a concert.”
I will be adding journaling later
The highlight for me was when Peter asked for volunteers to join them on stage to sing “Puff the Magic Dragon”. Without hesitating or giving him a chance to change his mind I raced up to participate. I was thrilled. There I was on stage with 15-20 other people singing “Puff the Magic Dragon” (he states emphatically that the song is NOT about drugs) at one point he even held the mic up to me while we sang the chorus. Thank goodness for all those years in choir! It was a night to remember.

*Something I have discovered about myself. Some people make a page and then find the pictures to use for that page. I like to create my pages with the pictures I’m going to use in mind. How do you plan a page?

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  1. So glad your wish came true! Nice memories!