Sunday, December 1, 2019

Cyber Monday Sale

Cyber Monday sale will begin at 4:00 pm (CST) on Monday, December 2 and will end at 2:59 pm the next day. To shop with me just click on this link: BUSYBUCHAROO.CTMH.COM
It's best to shop early because a lot of these items tend to go FAST.....  I have found that it is best to already be logged in to the website before the sale begins. If you don't see the sale pop up a few seconds after 4:00 do a refresh of the page. (that's the little circular arrow up at the top of your browser window) Click on the Shop Now button to see the items included in the sale. They don't tell us ahead of time what is going to be in the sale, but during the Black Friday sale there were paper bundles, ink pad bundles, wooden banners, ribbons, embellishments and more. There were several Cut Above Kits from our Craft with Heart Scrapbook Subscriptions too. If you are interested in the subscription kits, you might want to check the sale to see if anymore of these great quick kits are available. Good luck and happy shopping!