Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Political Animal Balloons

While I was playing with my new stamps and watching the debates a light bulb went on in my head. I found my balloon donkey and my balloon elephant stamps and got patriotic. That was when the debates first started. Now I watch a debate and think to myself, "When are the real candidates going to come on?" Ha-Ha!
When creating the two tone effect on the stamps, I used a simple technique called masking. No fancy tools are needed, 2 sticky notes will do the trick.
The steps involved:
1. Cover one half of the stamp with a sticky note. No need for precision, just eye-ball it.
2. Ink the exposed portion of the stamp.
3. Remove the post-it note.
4. Stamp the image on your project.
5. Clean your stamp.
6. Cover the other half of the stamp (the one you just stamped) with a clean sticky note.
7. Ink the exposed area using a second color.
8. Remove the sticky note.
9. Line the stamp up directly over the first image (this is where clear stamps and Acrylix blocks really come in handy)
10. Stamp the second color.
Viola! You have a 2-toned or masked image.

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