Sunday, August 23, 2015


I received a beautiful card last week for my birthday from my daughter’s mother-in-law, Sandy. She is as much a part of our family as my son-in-law.  We are very fortunate to have Sandy in our lives and I feel blessed that my daughter has such a wonderful Christian woman to share her husband with. This is the card that Sandy made for me. 

I just love it! Not only is it pretty, but pink and purple are our granddaughter’s favorite colors which make it even more special. I also love the idea of finding messages in several places on the card instead of just the traditional ‘message goes here.’
I asked her if she minded if I borrowed the card design and she said she’d be delighted, so you will be seeing some similar cards in the future. 
     Where do you get your inspirations? My daughter and husband get theirs from within themselves. I think of myself as an adapter usually. I see something I like then I adapt it to my vision. Other times I’m an imitator, especially if I’m having a creative block. I’ll see a tutorial or a how-to-video that I like and make it just like it’s shown. I find that it helps my creative juices start flowing because as I work I start putting my own spin on the object or start thinking of other ways I would like to try doing it the next time. Occasionally I get a creative thought that I just can’t let go of until I’ve created or tried to create it. That is when I feel my most creative. Unfortunately, I don’t get that feeling frequently, but that’s O.K. I believe all artists go through these creative stages. So don’t doubt yourself or feel you aren’t creative because you go through these. It’s all part of the process. Very few are gifted with an artistic hand from the start. Almost everyone has to work at it. If you are happy with what when you create, that is what matters. That, is what feeds your creative soul.
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