Sunday, January 20, 2013

I give myself permission

I give myself permission
I saw on Your Home Based Mom blog that instead of making new years resolutions she has a Word or Statement of the year that she tries to live by. The more I thought about it the more I liked the idea, so this year I’ve decided to make my word of the year Permission. I actually started this list several years ago. I recently stumbled across it and when I read over it, I realized that I had accomplished some of these things and I really feel good about it so this year I will continue to give myself permission to:
Be creative
Use my hands to express myself
Paint from my soul
Laugh at silly jokes
Try new things
Do something no one has done before
Sing at the top of my lungs
Dance in the wind before a storm, naked if I want too
Make something I’ve never seen
Sew without using a pattern
Draw on the wall
Create another world
Write down my inner most thoughts
Think with abandon
Be quiet
Do absolutely nothing
Take naps
Call in sick even if I don’t feel that bad
Be hopeful
Be honest with myself
Create even when the house is dirty
Call my kids and tell them I love them in the middle of the day
Get together with friends just because
Entertain even when the house isn’t ‘that’ clean
Hug someone when they look like they need it
Tell my friends that I love them
Start fresh
Start a resolution as many times as I need to
Enjoy a sunset or sunrise
Sit quietly
Be by myself
Say thank you
Smile at strangers
Eat healthy and then have a dessert if I want one
Rent a movie that I want to watch
Give money to a homeless person
Not be too cool to show enthusiasm
Think outside the box
Work hard and play hard
Be me, who ever that is
. . .
What will your word of the year be?

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  1. Love your Word of the Year and all the things you are giving yourself permission to do! I especially like the one about eating healthy and giving yourself permission to eat dessert.
    Leigh Anne @Your Homebased Mom