Monday, December 10, 2012

Pine Cone Reindeer

I’ve been so busy getting ready for Christmas I haven’t had time do much paper crafting.  Last night I made these reindeer to put on my mantel. I made some years ago and loved the little critters. I can’t remember which magazine I got the idea from, but they were super easy and I thought I’d share them with you here.

We live on a pine tree farm so we have pine cones in abundance. If you don’t have easy access to pine cones in the wild Michael’s and Hobby Lobby both carry them. All you need are 2 pine cones, 1 smaller than the other, 4 fairly straight sticks about 4-6 inches long, and 2 branchy little sticks to use as antlers and a hot glue gun.  

To Assemble:
1. Take your 2 pine cones and nestle the smaller of the 2  into the top of the widest end of the larger pine cone. Angle it down or up depending how you want the head to face. 
Once you get it situated the way you want it. 
Squirt some hot glue into the crevices of the cones to glue the 2 together. 

 2. Take your 4 straight sticks and stick them up into the bottom of the larger pine cone where 4 legs would go. You will want to angle them around until your reindeer stands firmly on its own. When you have the legs where you want them remove each leg, one at a time and using the hot glue, put them back in place, holding until the glue firms. 

3.  Take your antlers and stick them into the top of head. Once you have them in a pleasing arrangement glue in place. 


4. Now that your reindeer is assembled you can decorate him as you like. I like to use a red berry or pompon for his nose. A little bell around his neck gives a festive air and googlie eyes can be added.

I used berries for this little guys nose.
 These little guys hold up surprisingly well and if packed with care, can last for several years or you can burn them in your fireplace after the holiday season.

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