Monday, May 20, 2019

This Is My Happy Place

The right hand side of the room

I finally found a place for everything and everything is in it's place, if only I could remember where that place is. HA-HA! I must admit that I am going through a 'where do I keep that now?' stage. I am trying not to get frustrated. It's all part of the process. If I find myself always going to a  certain drawer for a particular object I reevaluate where I'm keeping that object and move it to the location my brain seems to think is the more logical spot. 
Can you tell one of my favorite colors is lavender? I even painted my Ott lamp to match. I love my Ott lamp but the bright green color just wasn't doing it for me. Now it matches my utensil holder. 

 The left-hand side of the room

 I love having an L shape desk area now. It makes it so much easier to reach for things. The desk faces the other side of the room and the television, which I plan to mount on a wall.

For my birthday, my mom got me this great cutting table from Ikea. both sides fold out so I have plenty of room to cut my fabric. There are 3 long drawers on each end that hold all of my sewing notions and machine feet.

 My granddaughter, age 3, came to visit. I was showing her my new table and how the leg swings out and the side lifts up to make a table. She immediately crawled under the raised side (which will make a great tent if I spread a sheet over it.)and sat for several minutes. It wasn't until she went home and I was taking these pictures that I discovered what was so fascinating under the table. She found some self adhesive gem embellishments I had dropped earlier and decided that Mims' table was a little plain and needed to be decorated. I think she's right. The gems stay.