Friday, October 26, 2012

Is it Fall Yet?

I stepped outside last night before I went to bed and the temperature had dropped about 20 degrees in 3 hours. A cold front was supposed to blow in so before dinner Hubby and I took a cruise down the back roads in his little Miata to enjoy possibly the last good convertible weather until next spring. Of course, in Texas, you never know. The weather was perfect and by the time we headed home the sun was slipping behind the horizon and you could tell a change in the weather was on its way. I’m glad. It’s hard to get excited about Fall when it’s 85 degrees. I guess that’s why I decorate for Halloween; to remind myself that it’s fall. Sure enough, we woke this morning to colder temperatures and drizzle. Glad we took that drive while we had the chance!
A week ago I left the cable to my Gypsy at my sister’s house and haven’t been able to do much cutting with my Cricut. I took the lull in my crafting to do a little purging and organizing in my craft room. Over the past 7 weeks I’ve been taking the Organization Challenge from the Scrapbook Rack. If you’ve never done one of their webinars you ought to give it a try. You can sign up for a shorter challenge in November. Here is the link to signup.  The Scrap Rack Challenge
There are plenty of helpful ideas for organizing your scrapbooking supplies and photos even if you don’t have a ScrapRack. Best of all, IT’S FREE!

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