Thursday, August 9, 2012

It's August and things have been hectic in our neck of the woods lately. Lots of projects in the works. My hubby has been remodeling our son’s old room. We decided on a southwestern theme. First he added beams. (see photo below) 

The beams are actually 2 x 6 boards that he roughed up to make look rough hewn. He started with some ugly, knotty, dinged up boards. The guy at Lowes was glad to see someone actually wanting the culls instead of going through the stacks looking for the prettiest boards. He then scraped and gouged them even more and then stained and sealed them. I thought they turned out great. It only took an evening for us to nail them in place. He then went back and stuccoed the ceiling and made the boards look they are built into the ceiling.
     The next step was painting. Funny how colors can fool you. We both picked the same color from the samples. When Hubby put the first coat of paint on I thought, ‘oh, no! It looks peach. I hate it.’ Fortunately once it dried overnight it was a perfect adobe color.   We decide to go with a traditional blue trim for the doors to ward off evil spirits or bugs, depending on who you talk to.  The first 2 doors were the perfect blue. Not to childish and not to harsh. Suddenly, when going over some missed spots on the first door the paint became lighter.  Like a robins egg blue, lighter. The guy that mixed the paint hadn’t let it shake long enough and it didn’t mix properly so most of the blue pigment was at the top of can and the white had settled to the bottom. Try getting that matched! The color formula didn’t really mean much of anything since it hadn’t mixed. After 3 trips to the hardware store and 3 shades of blue later, Hubby gave up and experimented with the color himself until he came up with an almost perfect match. You can see the blue swatch he was working with on the door on the left.
The doors are almost finished. The walls and ceiling have been painted and the trim is up.

 I have to brag on the doors. These 2 doors are actually hollow core interior doors. Hubby set his circular saw on a very narrow setting and cut grooves in the doors from top to bottom so it looks like planks. He finished them off with a top and bottom cross beam to make them look like old doors you would find on a log cabin. They turned out great.
Next time, the finished project.

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